has broad appeal.

WindowPAK® costs no more than envelopes of the same size.

WindowPAK® creates an entirely new and immediate market segment at a competitive cost, priced at retail from $1.00 to as low as $0.50 per unit.

WindowPAK® is
competitive with other
leading envelope brands.

WindowPAK® can be sold in the B2B or B2C market.

These prospects may range from retail to government with partnership opportunities including Amazon, Staples, DHL, UPS, Office Depot, FedEx, Apple, and U.S. or foreign goverments.

WindowPAK® offers
premium printing at a
cost-effective rate.

WindowPAK® provides
licensing opportunities.

WindowPAK® can be licensed from Bell Packaging with either exclusive or non-exclusive licensing agreements.

Let WindowPAK® revolutionize your business. By using WindowPAK® packaging you can be at the forefront of industry change and take advantage of a new branded and cost-effective form of packaging.

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