WindowPAK® gets its name from the series of perimeter windows that can be customized into any width or shape.

Unlike traditional envelopes,
WindowPAK® is resistant to the damaging effects of oxygen and moisture.

Thanks to the easy-to-use peel strip the unsanitary process of licking glue can be a thing of the past.

WindowPAK® is puncture and tear-resistant, which makes mail tampering practically a non-issue.

Designed to conform to USPS, UPS, FedEx, HL, and U.S. Government standards, the WindowPAK® envelope is ready for widespread use.


Traditional envelopes leave too many unknowns about their contents; fortunately, WindowPAK® has an innovative solution to this issue.

WindowPAK® envelopes allow handlers and recipients to view before opening, thanks to the fully customizable perimeter windows.

These perimeter windows give you a chance to safely check a package for particulates and other contaminants before breaking a seal.